vie privée et vie professionnelle

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    Il était temps de faire le point. C'est quoi l’équilibre entre vie privée et vie professionnelle ? Entre l'existentiel et le pragmatique ? Désormais, j'ai changé mon fusil d'épaule. J'aborde la scène la fleur au fusil. Comme une joueuse qui rentre dans une partie pleine de rituel. Je m'amuse, comme dans une cour de récréation.

    It was time to assess the situation. What’s the balance between a private life and a professional one? Between the existential and the pragmatic? From that point onwards, I had a change of heart. I now take to the stage without a care in the world. Like a player coming back to a game full of energy. I have fun, as if I were in the playground.

    J'ai besoin d'un traduction mieux pour les phrases en gras.
    Merci beaucoup d'avance,
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    It was time to take stock. How can one balance one's personal and professional life?

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    I would say What's the balance between personal and professional life?(coz she's talking in general I think...)
    sorry but I don't have anything else!!!
    good luck
  4. honeybfly Senior Member

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    Merci à vous deux. Et pour la deuxième phrase svp ?
  5. floise Senior Member

    The second part is good. You also could say: I had a new outlook on things/life or I had a new approach to life.

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    What really is the proper balance between private and professional life? [omit indef. article]

    From then on [that point on], I have had a changed attitude to acting/theatre [a different outlook/philosophy of being on stage].

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