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I am looking for a specified religious term in English that describe a process to sanctify religious objects such as cross necklace, cross pendant, cross ornament.
For example: You bought a very beautiful an expensive gold cross necklace in a jewelry shop, then you visit the church; and you ask the father in the church or vicar to sanctify or to consecrate your gold cross necklace.
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    Good question. It is done, but often misunderstood.

    In this context I suggest blessing, (although it has a narrow meaning in a specifically Christian context, for example a Harvest mass, to ask God’s blessing on the community and the harvest.) in a broader sense it simply means to give praise (to God) for that object.
    A wiki on the subject of blessings: How to Bless a Cross: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Neither sanctify nor consecrate fit the context, a blessing will not make the object holy or consecrated in some magical way. The gold cross simply symbolizes the belief of the wearer.

    To sanctify = to make holy or sacred.
    An example would be baptism (when a person is accepted into the church)
    Source : Dictionary : SANCTIFICATION

    The word consecrate too has special/specific meaning in a Christian context.
    Related to Eucharist (in a Catholic context) and individuals consecrating their lives to God in a broader Christian context.
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