Vietnamese: mục tiêu and mục đích

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  1. Argon13

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    What is the difference in meaning between those words? Or do they mean the same thing: goal, aim?
  2. palomnik Senior Member

    Good question, and my impression is that while they're usually identical in meaning, there is a slight difference in emphasis.

    They're both borrowings from Chinese, like so much Vietnamese vocabulary. Mục đích means a goal in an abstract sense, like a purpose in life; mục thiêu can mean that too, but its basic meaning is "target" - the kind that you shoot at, like with an arrow, or a sales target.
  3. Argon13

    Argon13 New Member

    Українська & Русский
    Thanks a lot!
  4. alexvu14 New Member

    In short, mục đích is nearly purpose and mục tiêu is target.
  5. cudat New Member

    So I have been on and off of it( to drink coffee)
    Dịch sang tiếng Việt như thế nào cho chính xác? Pls.

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