Vietnamese: Vạn Sự Như Ý

  • cutycuty

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    It is a popular wishing for s.o in new year that means '' everything that you want to will be come true''
    '' Nhu y cat tuong'' in other thread has a similar meaning, we can use both or one of each.
    Chúc mừng năm mới, chúc bạn một năm vạn sự như ý, mua may bán đắt, như ý cát tường.
    (Happy new year, wishing you a year full of wishes come true, luck to buy and good to sell)

    Tuấn Anh Phan Nguyễn

    "Vạn sự như ý" is impossible to translate into English in a fully and shortly way.
    Vạn sự: everything - vạn (number 10000), sự = việc (things, stuff)
    như ý: like what you want
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