Vietnamese: Zìn bạn tui mà. Sao ông phải xoắn

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  1. Weldoctor New Member


    anyone know what is this Vietnamese word mean (Zìn bạn tui mà. Sao ông phải xoắn)Thanks
  2. shibazakura New Member

    Well, I think it probadly means: This's Zin, my friend. Why did you get so worked up about it?
    "Sao ông phải xoắn" is a recent common slang between close friends.
  3. nmq1210 New Member

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    what is "(Zìn bạn tui mà. Sao ông phải xoắn)"

  4. Xoắn is a new slang in this 10 years :confused:
    There are some meanings: to hesitate, to be afraid, to be serious, to hurry
    This case: Zin is my friend. Don't hesitate.
    or Zin is my friend. Don't be so serious.
    Quất thôi, sao phải xoắn: Let's do it. Do be afraid.
    Bình tĩnh. Không phải xoắn: Calm down. No need to hurry.

    Hope it helps :)
  5. daochich321 New Member

    "zìn bạn tui mà, sao ông phải xoắn" : uhm ^^, this is my friend, dont worrry
  6. miyuki2204 New Member

    VietNam - English
    "zìn bạn tui mà, sao ông phải xoắn" => Zin is my friend. don't be shy :))
    and sometimes. "tại sao phải xoắn?" means "why so serious?" this is slang word of generations = "what's the matter?"
  7. Radioh

    Radioh Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Well, I've never heard anyone use "xoắn" to mean anything other than "serious". But maybe other meanings are commoner in the North.
    (xoắn is an adjective meaning 'spiral'. Honestly, the word is rarely used here, even by teenagers).
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  8. TeddyAllen

    TeddyAllen New Member

    My answer is similar to the above ones: Zìn is my friend. Why so serious?
    "Xoắn" in this context is just a slang used by Vietnamese teenager nowadays.
  9. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran Senior Member

    xoắn is a slang word that only comes from the north of Viet Nam. I am a Vietnamese coming from the South and I don't understand what it really means in the sentence. I may find out it due to the specific circumstance of the conversation.
    Quất thôi? It really means different, man. Lol.
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  10. DamVan New Member

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    "zìn bạn tui mà, sao ông phải xoắn" : Zìn is my friend, Calm down, Don't hurry! :)
  11. Shironeko 0406 New Member

    Việt Nam - Vietnam
    Yes, we are from the North and be familiar with 'xoắn' :))
    Xoắn in 'xoắn xít, cuống hết cả lên, rối tung rối mù...' not 'xoắn' in 'xoắn vặn thành hình tròn'
    Another sentence => Sao cậu cứ phải xoắn quẩy lên thế nhỉ? = Sao phải sợ?
  12. 55667788 New Member

    Vietnamese - Vietnam
    Well, I'm a true Vietnamese speaker, but well, I really don't understand this sentence. (Zìn...? I've never heard about this word.)

    Or maybe you mistyped it.
  13. parkcity New Member

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    "sao ông phải xoắn" = don't think

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