vigilet tota nocte luxurios non solum patienter

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    Can anyone help me with the translation of this fragment: Vigilet tota nocte luxurious non solum patienter, sed libenter, est suam expleat voluptatem. I think it means: To watch all night to the full, not only to have patience, but also to rejoice, this is the ultimate voluptuosness, but my Latin is really poor and I'm not very sure. The fragment is from the novel Antic Hay written by Huxley, they are supposed to be the words of St. Bernard.

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    You can find the correct original version here:
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    Yes, I read through all this sludge and finally found it on p. 889. In context:

    Vigilat tota nocte luxuriosus, non solum patienter, sed et libenter, ut suam expleat voluptatem; vigilat raptor vestitus ferro, ut diripiat praedam; vigilat fur, ut domum perfodiat alienam.
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    The general point is that this "sludge" is part of a discussion of forms of ascetic behaviour, some, but not all of which may enhance the holiness of the individual. In the case of keeping vigil at night, this does not always confer holiness, for "The voluptuary stays awake, not only willingly but with enthusiasm, in order to satisfy his appetite; a bandit armed with a weapon keeps watch in order to steal his booty; and a burglar does so, in order to break into someone else's house".

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