1. Sunny Sun Member


    ¿Alguien podría decirme cómo se dice vigoréxico en inglés británico? El término se refiere a una persona obsesionada con estar en forma, que va al gimnasio regularmente durante un tiempo excesivo para el común de los mortales (¡sin ser un profesional, claro!)
    Gracias de antemano
  2. Hi Sunny,

    Wikipedia defines the term "Bigorexia", so making an exact replica with "anorexia" and "anorexic", it should be "Bigorexic"

    Hope this helps!!!
  3. Sunny Sun Member

    Sorry I didn't thank you for that before. I was waiting to get an e-mail telling me that somebody had tried to help, but I didn't. Do you think the word Bigorexic would work in English then? I never thought you could write it with a B, since I always related it to exercise, vigour and energy!!
    Thank you anyway.

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