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    Hello there,
    yes, it's wine again!!

    I often come across the term "vinificazione in rosso (bianco/rosato)" but I don't know if we have a translation in English.

    The sentence is "Il vino a IGT, viene prodotto con la consueta tecnica della vinificazione “in rosato” delle uve rosse di Sangiovese e Ciliegiolo. "

    It means (from wiki) "La vinificazione in rosso o vinificazione con macerazione è caratterizzata dal contatto tra vinacce e mosto in fermentazione. "

    I've seen "vinification in red/white/rosé" in a dictionary, but it doesn't convince me and I've never found this phrase on google - which makes me suspicious!

    I tried changing the wiki page into English but it doesn't have the term.
    I thought of "red/white/rosé winemaking", but it's too vague, don't you think?
    What I want to say is that the wine is made in the usual way you make red wine (with maceration with contact with the skins).
    Or if it is white wine, there is no contact with skins and rosé has partial contact. (Maybe I should just say it like this!!)

  2. anglomania1

    anglomania1 Senior Member

    Piacenza, Italy
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    Hello again,
    I think I've found the answer so I'll put it here to help others with the same query (and if anyone has any comments...).

    I found:
    Red vinification
    White vinification
    Rosé vinification

    I think you could also use vinification of red wines etc, though it's a little different.

    Thanks anyway,
  3. serenatanapulitana New Member

    ho trovato un bel sito, delle cantine tasca di almerita, prova a cercare là la traduz, ci sono le schede tecniche dei vini...
  4. anglomania1

    anglomania1 Senior Member

    Piacenza, Italy
    UK English
    Hello, thanks for the advice, though I'm always a bit wary of getting terms from a site that's been translated (probably by someone like me!!!!!).
    It's seems ok, but I've only had a quick look.
    I was put off by a mistake I found - it talks of the "wineries history", when it should be the "winery's history".

    It was worth a try, and thanks again for your help,
  5. duma Senior Member

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    Hello - I recommend you take a look at which I find a very helpful resource for Italian/English wine vocabulary. It has a few different suggestions for "vinificazione in rosso/bianco".
  6. WordsWordWords

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    Hi Duma,

    More than two and a half years later I am stumbling on to your post and the site you indicated is like a goldmine for me on my present project -- it looks like it will be extremely useful!!!!


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