virements émis ou reçus sur son compte


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"Virements émis ou reçu sur son compte en France"

Hi all,

Would this following be an accurate translation of the above sentence? The bit I'm confused about is the "sur son compte". In English I don't think you would say "his/her account".

"Transfers issued or received to/from an account in France"

Can anyone confirm?

Many thanks,

  • auptitgallo

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    Hello GG

    I don't find anything strange about 'his/her account' in UK English. (e.g. "my son is short of money and asks me to transfer some money into his account.") (Actually, that's not strange at all; happens all the time...)

    I would stick with your ideas, otherwise: 'Payments from or into his/her French bank account'.


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    Hi auptitgallo,

    Thanks for your message. What's odd in this context is that it's a general description of the account/service, and doesn't refer to an account holder in any way - here's more context, I hope it's helpful:

    Virements internationaux sans commission de transfert Bank Ltd en France
    - Dans de la zone SEPA : Pays de l’Union Européenne + Islande, Norvège, Liechtenstein + Monaco + Suisse.
    - Hors zone SEPA
    - Virements émis ou reçu sur son compte en France
    dont le montant transféré est inférieur ou égal à 15 000 € (ou équivalent devises)
    - Au delà de 2 virements hors SEPA par mois, application des tarifs standards

    Which is why I'm not sure what who "son" refers to. Have I missed something here?



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    Thanks for the extra info, greygoose. In that case, I agree with what snarkhunter suggested in #2: 'one's account', but that doesn't translate well into English.

    You might get around this by saying something like:
    - Transfers into or payments made from an account in France, up to a maximum of 15,000 Euros

    I don't think you've missed anything. The use of "son" is clear if the original document is intended for people who have money in accounts in France with this particular bank. The "son" refers to "their" accounts, if you see what I mean!
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