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Hi everybody!

What is the virtual felt? Tha context is poker.

"Prove your skills and let your countrymen know who owns the virtual felt."

Is there anyone who can help me?

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    Poker (and pool and billiards, for that matter) are often played on green felt. In this case, I imagine it's an online poker game, so it's virtual felt -- felt that exists in your mind.


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    I take it this is a reference to internet poker?

    I would assume
    - "felt" refers to the covering on a poker table
    - "own the felt" would mean "have control of the table" = "have control of the game"
    - "virtual felt" means the virtual covering on the virtual table
    - "own the virtual felt" would mean "have control of the virtual table" = "have control of the game".

    EDIT1: Oh dear, I'm such a slow typist:(.
    So felt means field/ground, doesn't it?
    No - see the definition in the WR dictionary
    felt Anoun1 felt
    a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers
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