Visayan: Sagad lang oh...nimu


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Hi, i just read this on the fb wall of my girlfriend. She is filippina... I dont want to ask her what it means, coz she thinks I would spy on her.. But I want to know what this means: mao nai tpad nimu imo bf bag.o?hehege?
I would be very grateful.

That was her answer to the text of her girlfriend: ngeee...xagad lng oh!!!di mn gud....

For me it makes no sense at all
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    The only part I can recognize that might be Tagalog is xagad lang oh! which could be sagad lang oh!
    This line would mean to the extreme or to the utmost or to the fullest extent.

    The other lines are not Tagalog but could be in another language of the Philippines.


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    Yes, the Visayan Islands are in the middle of the Philippine archipelago and Tagalog is not the predominant language in this region. There a number of Visayan languages that are spoken by locals from this area.


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    P1: Is the man beside you your new boyfriend? Hehehe
    P2: presume too much! That's not (true)...

    Ságad = to do something in a reckless/careless/neglectful manner. In this context, P2 is calling P1 out on the carelessness of her presumption.
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