visceral betrayal

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Brazos: We are not looking for that here. No brown-nosing. No suck up. No toolery. I-

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Brazos: Why is Shontel using what appears to be a red cup from the red floor when we are on the yellow floor?

Brazos' Aide: I'm on it.

Brazos: It is a visual and, therefore, a visceral betrayal. Stop it!

-- Transformers: Dark of the Moon Transcript

What's meant by visceral betrayal?
  • Barque

    This is the applicable definition of visceral (WR dictionary): characterized by, coming from, or felt via one's instincts rather than intellect; emotional rather than intellectual: My initial, visceral reaction was disgust.

    However we don't have enough context to know what exactly the speaker means by it here.
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