visceral sensation

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Visceral can refer to a certain part od a body, or something internal, based on instinct etc. What does it mean in this particular context, actually the question is about the whole expression (visceral sensation)
"The strongest and clearest finding of all was that a 'difficulty in recognising and accurately responding to emotional states and ceratin visceral sensations is a central deficit in eating disorder patients."
More context,M1
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    Your author is quoting another author, Drew Westen, so you'll have to read that text to understand visceral fully.

    OED: Visceral, adjective 1. a. Affecting the viscera or bowels regarded as the seat of emotion; pertaining to, or touching deeply, inward feelings. Obsolete after 17th century and revived in the 20th.
    I suppose the idea is that some sensations are cerebral - they come from thoughts and higher feelings; but other sensations come from the emotions.
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