1. stemu Senior Member

    Es importante visibilizar y reconocer el carácter social de la reproducción

    I can not find this word in the dictionary.
  2. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    I would say it as: "It´s important to determine and recognize the social character of the reproduction"

    Let´s wait some others` opinion
  3. mprm86 Member

    México Spanish
  4. Ed the Editor

    Ed the Editor Senior Member

    Hola Stemu,

    Yo diría lo siguiente, arreglando la frase de un modo distinto en el inglés:

    - It is important to recognize the social [character/aspect] of reproduction, and to make it clearly visible.

    Ojalá que esto te sirva.

  5. stemu Senior Member

    Muchas gracias. The version of Ed sounds really good to me.
  6. Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel New Member

    La Paz, Bolivia
    En ciencias sociales, existe el verbo "to visibilise", especialmente con referencia a asuntos de mujeres y género. Puedes buscar ejemplos de su uso en google u otros motores de busqueda. Suerte!
  7. Lo from Mexico Member

    Mexico city
    Mexico spanish
    Thank you Soul rebel, for visibilising concepts that have been propelled by gender studies. I am using it in an archaeological divulgation context
  8. Lo from Mexico Member

    Mexico city
    Mexico spanish
    However, it should be written visibilize. web pages that use the other form are not well written
  9. camachoe Member

    Mexico (Spanish)
    I would have thought that visibilizar means to "make visible" something that was hidden.
    For example, reproduction topics have been taboo for centuries. Therefore, "visibilizarlos" would mean to bring them to the public arena, for open discussion, for examination: make them, at last, visible.
  10. Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel New Member

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Lo from Mexico:

    visibiSe is the British spelling; visibiliZe is American spelling. That is valid for pretty much all words with that kind of ending: e.g. socialise/ize; recognise/ize.

    U.S. writing is not the ONLY good one :)
  11. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    U.S. writing is not the ONLY good one. :cross:
    U.S. English is not the only correct way to write. :tick:

    However, visibilise or visibilize is not "good" writing in English. Sorry. To make visible, or bring awareness to, or to highlight, are better options.
  12. kiquito

    kiquito Senior Member

    Lima, Perú
    Español, Perú
    thanks, cipotarebelde! i really like "to highlight" for a text i am translating -- it fits perfect within the phrase.
  13. tajy poty

    tajy poty New Member

    Coral Springs, FL
    English, US - Queens, NYC
    I come across this a lot in the translations I do for NGOs. Make visible is fine, but sometimes it just doesn't feel right in either the construction of the sentence or the context. Other possibilities along with bring awareness and highlight, both good ones, could be: raise or increase visibility, make known, bring attention to, even publicize sometimes, not generally in social issues, but sometimes it does.

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