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    Ciao a tutti!
    Un esercito regolare sta ingaggiando una compagnia di soldati mercenari per stanare ed eliminare dei ribelli fuggiti in un posto chiamato Near Country. Uno dei mercenari dice:

    You wish us to visit a plague upon the settlers of the Near Country. You wish us to make stern examples of every rebel sheltered and every person who gives them shelter.

    Che significa "visit a plague"? I've no clue really :confused:
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    A related form is also found in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio says:

    I am hurt.
    A plague o' both your houses. I am sped.
    Is he gone, and hath nothing?

    It means to bring death and destruction.


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    Thanks everybody!
    "Portare morte e distruzione sugli abitanti delle Terre Vicine" sounds good.
    Is there a more colloquial way to say this? The character who's speaking is uneducated and talks in a very "down-to-earth" way. What do you think about "mettere a ferro e fuoco"?
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    Il tuo personaggio sarà pure incolto ma ti assicuro che parla come un libro stampato (e antico). :)
  6. Lilithniahm

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    Sì CPA, questo dualismo fa parte del suo personaggio. Comunque, ci hai azzeccato, il libro è ambientato in un passato immaginario (poiché è un fantasy) :)
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    To modern ears it simply sounds old-fashioned, but "visit a plague" is biblical language (i.e. the ten plagues of Egypt in Exodus). It's perfectly plausible for uneducated people to use biblical language, especially if they come from a hellfire-and-brimstone kind of religious environment (and that accounts for pretty much everyone in the English speaking Christian world a couple of hundred years ago).

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