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    visit - Dictionary of English :
    to inflict, as punishment, vengeance, etc.:[~ + object + on + object]
    visited punishment on them for their sins
    The sins of the father will visit themselves upon the son
    "sins visiting themselves upon..." semble bizarre.
    (tr; foll by upon or on) to inflict (punishment, etc): the judge visited his full anger upon the defendant.
    (visit something on/upon someone) to make something very unpleasant happen to someone
    Violence was relentlessly visited upon innocent victims.
    VISIT ON (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary
    infliger qch à qn

    Ici, je dirais peut-être imposer à, (se) décharger sur ou déverser sur, mais quel est le contexte, de quel "problem" s'agit-il ? La personne est-elle angoissée/désespérée, en colère ?
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