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I am confused about the use of the two expressions "visit" and "visit with". For example:
'Jane is in the hospital now because she is sick. And we want to visit/visit with her in the hospital.'

Could we use both "visit" and "visit with" here?
  • evilregis

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    English, Canada
    I would say that both are acceptable. I'm having a hard time deciding if one is more common than the other, though. You could get away with either.


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    UK-Wales - English
    I think "visit her at the hospital" is BE
    and "visit with" is AE. It's not something I would say but if you are comfortable with it in Canada then I suppose you hear it over there more often.


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    English, UK (London)
    At least here, no one would say "visit with" in this context. If I say "I visit with my mother at the hospital", it sounds like I am going there with my mother to visit someone else.


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    U.S. English
    To me "visit with" means "to chat." It was nice visiting with you. "Visit" is to call on someone.