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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Ana83, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Ana83 Member

    Hello! How can I say "visitare" on English?
  2. TrentinaNE

    TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    Hai provato il dizionario? ;)

  3. mariposa11 Member

    Canada, French/English/Italian dialect!

    Visitare is to visit in English. I guess it could maybe change depending on your context...?

  4. saia Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Visita medica: medical examination.
    Per il verbo "visitare", serve un po' di contesto.
  5. Ana83 Member

    Si ho provato il dizionario ma siccome non c'era precisato il contesto medico, ho pensato di chiedere..."tra visitare" (medico) e "fare visita" c'è un po' di differenza.

    Il contesto di visitare, come da titolo, è appunto quello di una visita medica....

    Thanks! Medical examination sounds good! But if to visit it's right, I'll use it.
  6. mariposa11 Member

    Canada, French/English/Italian dialect!
    Medical examination would mean you are actually to have some kind of examination done. Medical visit, Doctor's appointment or "Check-up" refer to regular visits made to the doctor.
  7. Ana83 Member

    Thanks a lot Mariposa 11!:)
  8. rafanadal Senior Member

    Asti, Piemonte
    If I were to say "il medico mi ha fatto un'iniezione per il dolore, poi mi ha visitato" what would my best bet be?

    The doctor gave me an injection for the pain then he (saw?) (checked?) (examined?) ...I guess "examine" sounds a bit more formal, while, maybe, "see" may be on a more informal side...
  9. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Hi, rafa - I'm learning how much "visitare" differs from "visit" in English! :) I'd like to help you but first I would have to understand your Italian sentence. Did the doctor see you two different times? one for the injection and one for a check-up? Or did he give you an injection and then immediately examine you? I think it makes a difference for the translation.
  10. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    "examined" is fine - it's standard language for a doctor doing his stuff on a patient. Just like "visitare" is standard in Italian.

    I'm guessing this is a second occasion, Jo, but let's wait for rafa's reply :)
  11. rafanadal Senior Member

    Asti, Piemonte
    Thank you Jo and Elfa.
    Well, I was thinking of a "visita" right after the injection, not a second occasion actually. Meanwhile I've come up with another possible translation of "visitare", that is, "to look or check somebody over".
    So I'd rephrase my sentence this way: "the doc gave me an injection for the pain then he checked me over" (or looked me over).
    Does it sound ok?
  12. MR1492

    MR1492 Senior Member

    Newport News, Virginia
    English -USA
    "To look or check over" is OK but very, very informal. As both Joanvillafane and Elfa said, "examined" is the AE standard term.

  13. furs

    furs Senior Member

    If you decide to use an informal register, you should probably use 'shot' rather than 'injection'.

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