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I wondered if I could have some more help? I am really struggling with this text, both in Romanji and translating it, I have had a go but if you could correct me again it would be very much appreciated:

1) Kyotoは しんかんせんで Tokyo からニじかんはん です
Kyoto wa shinkansen de Tokyo kara niji kan desu
It takes 2 and a half hours on the train from Tokyo to Kyoto

2) Kyotoのてら ー きんかくじに いきます. ねだん おとな 700えん. こども300えん. わりびき 10にんいじょう ひとり 500えん.
Kyoto no tera - kin kaku jini ikimasu. nedan otona 700en. Kodomo 300 yen. Waribiki juninijou hitori 500en.
Each person going to Kyoto's gold Buddist temple. Price adults 700 yen. Children 300 yen. In groups more than ten one person pays 500 yen.

3) とうだいじで てんぷらを たべます. ひとり6000えん. こけでらで にわをみます
toudai jide renpura o tabemasu. Hitori 6000 en. Kokederade niwa o mimasu.
Eating a dish of sea food and vegatables in a lighthouse. Once person 6000 yen. ??

I hope I improve soon! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
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    The first one is ok. But I'd say "bullet train". A regular train takes longer.

    I'm translating rather freely:

    2) Kyoto's temples - Visit to the Golden Pavilion Temple. Prices: adult 700 yens, children 300 yens. Discount for groups of ten people or more: 500 yens each.

    3) toudaiji de tempura wo tabemasu. hitori 6000 en. kokedera de niwa wo mimasu.
    Tempura served at the Toudai Temple. 6000 yens a person. Visit to the Kokedera to watch the pond.

    Kokedera means "moss temple", it's not an actual temple but a garden. More info here.


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    Yoroshiku onigazaimasu よろしくおにがざいます! Oni (鬼) being the devil (and the devil being in the details), let's not invoque Satan unecessarily (one never knows)...Yoroshiku onegaishimasu よろしく おねがいします ( 宜しく お願いします!)


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    It must be the Saiho-ji Temple called popularly " Kokedera " ( Moss
    Temple ). It's beautiful in rainy season. ( mid Jun e - Mid july ).

    Hi Hiro Sasaki, I think it must be, becasue I found the word moss but I was unsure why.

    Thank you for all your help so far, I have only been learning Japanese for a year and it's the basics at that! This text is part of my homework but the only traveling phrases I have learnt in class are ones such as 'watashi wa Kyoto ni ikimasu' so I feel very out of my depth with this!


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    I've not been there many years. It is not included in the regular tours
    sold by travel agents. You must apply for entrance beforehand writing
    the time and the date for your visit. It was completely open to the public
    many years ago and you could visit there anytime. But, the temple did not
    want that it was considered only as a tourist attraction and besides
    "green beautiful carpet " of the temple would be damaged by crowded
    tourists. It is a heritage of humankind proclaimed by Unesco and it
    should be maintained.

    I could not find the offocial of the temple.
    The following is the site of Kyoto prefecture site.

    Hiro Sasaki