vistos por última a vez [última vez]


Does "vistos por última a vez" translate to "last seen"?

Cinco hombres, vistos por última a vez a bordo de un Ford Crown Victoria, estaban siendo buscados ayer por la Policía.

And is the following an accurate traslation of the above?

Five men, last seen in a Ford Crown Victory, were being sought by Police yesterday.

Thanks in advance,


  • marietta,

    the extra “a” is what made me question the construction in the first place. I should have made that clear but I did not want get too wordy. I cut and pasted the quote from the URL below. It is in the first paragraph of the story.,0,7761228.story?coll=hoy-chicago-heds-top

    Based on what your saying, it seems the article has a typo and that the translation should be:

    "vistos por última vez" translate to "last seen".

    Thanks for clearing this up.