vkinek a családja vs vkinek van családja

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  1. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Fehér családja.
    Fehérnek népes családja van.

    Why do we use possessive form here? Fehér is a last name if I am not mistaken, so family belongs to a family name?:).
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  2. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    Yes, it is a possessive: "Fehér's family" (the family of that particular Fehér), not "the Fehér family" (his relatives called Fehér).
    In the other sentence, Fehérnek családja van "Fehér has a family" is the normal way to say "have":
    - családom van (lit. "is my family") "I have a family",
    - családja van (lit. "is his/her family") "he/she has a family",
    - X-nak/nek családja van (lit. "to X is his/her family") "X has a family".
    -- Olivier
  3. Encolpius

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    You can say simply: Fehér család - it means Family Fehér (Ez itt a képen a Fehér család. = This is family Fahér in the picture.)

    Fehér családja. - it means actually the Family of Mr. Fehér, in that case Fehér means the husband, the head of the family, it sounds rather rude to me, the more polite version would be: Fehér úr családja, but in common Hungarian you can say like that...

    Fehérnek népes családja van = Fehér úrnak népes családja van..
  4. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Thanks guys it makes sense now.

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