Voïna prani, franzouski prani

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    I'm trying to translate these words, which may be Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian, or even Lithuanian or Latvian. They appear in a novel written in French that takes place in part during the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany. The speaker is a young Jewish boy from Eastern Europe who has been hiding, along with a French POW, in a Prussian military academy. When the academy falls to the Soviet troops, the boy and the POW approach the Soviet soldiers, the boy cries out "Voïna prani. Franzouski prani" and the soldiers let them pass. I assume that Franzouski means "French." Can anyone identify the language and translate it?

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    I think it is in Russian: Война, парни! Французские парни! [War, boys! French boys!]
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    Thanks for the help!
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    "Prani" (instead of "parni") repeated twice makes it hard to believe, let alone other features. Looks West or South Slavic, and apparently it is written in an unconventional way.

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