Você atirou nele

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  1. adorobrasil Senior Member

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    Você atirou nele..
    If I say the above, I feel like I'm saying you shot AT him but not that you neccessarily HIT him. Is that true? If so, how do I say, 'You shot him'?
    (We only shoot each other with nerf guns by the way) So,

    You shot at him (but missed)=

    You shot him (you didn't miss)=

    Thanks a beca,

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  3. Joca

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    If you said "Você atirou nele," I would understand that you didn't miss him. If you want to say that someone has missed his target, then you'd have to add some information, such as: "Você atirou nele, mas errou," or "Você tentou atirar nele." As you can see, the verb "atirar" in this sense is not very precise.

    There's yet another verb that is not ambiguous at all and tells that you have hit your target: "alvejar". "Você o alvejou."

    In any case, I am sure you'll get better explanations for all of this.

    PS. As WhoSoyEu said, "acertar" is a better option than "alvejar".
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  4. WhoSoyEu

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    Joca, I agree with you. If someone shots a person we say "você atirou". To explain the consequences we say "e errou" or "e acertou" but I will always understand that if somebody was shot he was injuried.
  5. Guigo

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    The verb balear is also used when someone is hit by a bullet.
  6. Leandro

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  7. El Alacrán Member

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    I'm late to the shooting party here, but I figured I'd ask...

    How about "atirar contra" alguem ou alguma coisa? Would that mean you hit the target, or does it leave that part ambiguous?
  8. Vanda

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    It would be the same thing. Funny thing is that I had to go to the dictionary to see if it is possible to say atirar contra. It is. Just that we usually say ''atirar em/no/na..''
    Disparar com uma arma [ti. + a, contra, em, sobre : O caçador atirou na jaguatirica] [int. : De repente, começaram a atirar] [ta. : Atirou ao ar/na porta/no alvo.]
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    I understand "alvejar" as "shoot and hit many times". When I watch the news, usually when the say someone or something was "alvejado", it means hit more than once.
  10. L'Inconnu Senior Member

    My two cents worth:

    Você atirou em direção a ele
    Você atirou na direção dele
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