Vocabulary for Hospitality and Meet-and-greet


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I am looking for a specific word in English that portrays an action that is described by this situation:

Famous influential people get invited to an event. Let us say it is the president.
What the president does during the event is nothing of national urgency. It is usually something that is a bit trivial but has long-term effect (one example is to motivate people; another is to symbolise positive image of the president).

These are the examples of the event:
1. The president gets invited to an event to hear people's opinion about flag burning.
2. The president gets invited to an exhibition that displays children's creative work. There, he/she talks and listens to children's opinion about art.
3. Photo-op event with the president.

My question: What is the action done by the president?

I only come up with these: meet-and-greet; hospitality. And I don't think they are appropriate words.
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    Can you give the sentence in which you want to use this term?


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    The the events you list are, to my mind, quite different. The first sounds like some sort of public town meeting; the second is a personal visit; the last is some kind of two-minute staging for news photographers. ("Meet and greet", used politically, is a handshaking session.)

    I can't see that there's a single descriptive phrase that would apply to all of these.


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    Can you give the sentence in which you want to use this term?
    "After the president's speech, the event will be followed by president's _________ session with youth participants and press conference."

    The blank session above consists of interacting with youth, listening to youth's concern, motivating them.
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