Vocabulary : How are those small explosive stuff called?

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How are those small explosive stuff called?

You know what I mean ??
Like these things that kids explode on independence days.


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    Hi Roniy,

    These are the terms as used in the U.S.

    If one is talking about a large professional display, or the industry term in general, one uses the word fireworks.

    We're going to see the fireworks display in the park tomorrow night.

    Washington, D.C. always hosts a spectacular fireworks show. It's right over the river at the Lincoln Memorial.

    We also use the word firecrackers to refer to the smaller fireworks one sets off at home.

    There are several types of firecrackers. Some of the most common in use are:

    Pop-bottle rockets (small, thin "rockets" on a stick which are set off from empty soda bottles);

    Smoke bombs: small, orb-like objects which emit a dense, colored smoke (usually purple or green), when lit.

    Snaps or pops: small, single "firecrackers" which one can "snap" at someone's feet, usually by throwing them hard on the concrete ground.

    Black Cats: a small firecracker that makes lots of noise (may rapidly-fired "bangs." They emit no lights nor sparks).

    Sparklers: Thin sticks, approximately 9 inches long which emit a wide "flower" of sparks when lit. You often hear of bad accidents when sparklers accidentally light children's clothing on fire.

    I've not heard of "bangers" or "bungers" in the U.S.


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    They are legal in some US states and not in others, thus causing a lot of problems, since one can drive from state to state.
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