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I'm trying to understand the meaning of the following sentence:

"The sweetness of their voice soars above the squawks and grumbles of the human rabble." and the sentence before is: "the delicacy of their skin commands our reverence."

So the context is a creature praising certain humans' physical attributes. I've consulted the dictionary for "soar".

But I think soar has a different meaning here, it can't mean that "voice is audible." With its simplest meaning, this word is not a praise.

Do we have the meaning of being acoustically beautiful or eloquent?

Thank you.
  • soccergal

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    In this context, the voice soars, means that the voice is so clear and beautiful that it stands out. Imagine listening into a choir, and being able to pick out a soprano voice above the rest of a choir. A related phrase would be, she lifted her voice. (This is in contrast to she raised her voice, which means she started yelling)
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