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Sur la thématique du développement et des relations Nord-Sud, l'expression "void of scarcity" me pose problème dans "The danger is to overstate the case and follow through with an implied void of scarcity that, it is assumed, leads to growing resource competition, breakdown, criminalisation and chaos"

Serait-ce une idée d' "absence de pénurie", d'"abondance"?
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    Sorry, it's very bad, obscure bureaucratic language with little meaning.
    A void of scarcity is an emptiness of scarcity = ??? - I think he means that the scarcity is so bad that it is empty and there is nothing (void) that can be done to fill it - but even my own attempt to paraphrase that is pretty contradictory and meaningless.
    A lack of scarcity would mean that there isn't a problem because they have everything they need - very unlikely!!!
    Sorry again but official reports and Internet combine to make some language completely impenetrable and obscure.
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