voiler, envelopper, entourer


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i am trying to say a suspicion/mystery which surrounds/shrouds/veils a character. i have made several attempts and ideally would like to know if any of them are synonyms because i have to refer to 'shrouded in mystery' etc. a number of times. here goes:

le mystere qui l'enveloppe

le mystere qui l'entoure

le myster autour de Lucy

le mystere qui voile Lucy

merci en avance pour votre aide
  • Donaldos

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    They're all pretty similar except for the last one which sounds wrong in French.

    Note that the word "mystery" is spelt "mystère" in French


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    France, French
    "Le mystère qui l'entoure" seems fine to me.
    I would rule out "Le mystère qui voile Lucy". It does not sound correct.
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