Voir quelque chose d'un bon oeil

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  1. mari6s

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    I can't find a way to say "voir d'un bon oeil" in English. We use this expression as "approving", "not being against something"... And often, we say "ne pas voir d'un bon oeil" for "disapproving".

    An example: "les professeurs ne voient pas d'un bon oeil le bavardage."
    Which could be translated, I guess, by "teachers -disapprove / don't approve- chattering".

    But is there any locution more specific?
  2. sound shift

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    Yes, you can say "Teachers don't approve of chattering/chatting." If I think of any alternatives, I'll come back.
  3. misterk Moderator

    don't look kindly on/upon
    "Teachers don't look kindly on chattering."
  4. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    take a jaundiced view of

    view with a jaundiced eye
  5. joaopaolo

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    You can also say "don't take kindly to..."

    Eg. The locals don't take kindly to tourists taking over their town in August.
  6. mari6s

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    "Look kindly on/upon" and "not take kindly to" are great, exactly what I wanted. Thanks to everyone!

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