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  1. catmint11 Member

    Can someone tell me

    Je vais voir un film.
    Je vais regarder un film.

    Which one is correct.

    Thank you very much!
  2. Jennifer Merrick Member

    United States, English
    I believe that you can use either one, depending upon if you are going to see a film or watch a film.
  3. sylber Senior Member

    Yes, I thiink Jennifer is right: it's exactly (for once!) the same difference in French as in English: voir=see, regarder=watch.
  4. geve

    geve Senior Member

    France, Paris
    France, French
    In a way, "voir" is more active than "regarder". Hence, I would more likely use "je vais voir un film" if I'm going to the movies, and "je vais regarder un film" if I'm going to watch it on TV.
  5. jakey Senior Member

    English, Aus
    That's a bit like in English: I'm going to watch some TV. But I'm going out to see/watch a movie.
  6. CJ_Booklover

    CJ_Booklover New Member

    Actually, regarder means to watch, while voir means to see. "Voir un film" is correct. "Regarder un film" just sounds weird. If you wanted to use regarder, you would say "Regarder la télé." It's like saying "I will see the tv" instead of saying "I will watch tv." It's understandable, but it sounds weird. It's the same difference between écouter and entendre. Écouter means to listen, while entendre means to hear. You wouldn't say "J'entends le CD." You would say "J'écoute le CD," or "J'entends ça."
  7. joelooc

    joelooc Senior Member

    French (Provence)
    What makes it weird is the combination of regarder with aller.
    Say your brother asks you what you're doing and you're watching a movie on TV or a DVD you'll say: je regarde un film not je vois un film
    Say your brother asks you what you're doing this afternoon and you've planned to go to the movies: you'll say je vais voir un film
    aller+ voir has many different meanings: Je vais voir si M. X est là (check)/ je vais voir ce que je peux faire (think about it)/ il va voir ce qu'il va voir (?!)(I'm going to teach him a lesson) etc...
    Je vais regarder un film is what you say when you are going to watch a movie at home
    Je vais voir un film is what you say when you announce how you are going to spend your time and actually go out somewhere to do so.
    Similarly you will say of a film je l'ai déjà vu to signify you have seen it: you know the plot, not je l'ai déjà regardé.
    But you will say je suis allé voir un film chez des amis, on a regardé "the Shining"
    voir : see/view (visionner)
    regarder: watch/look

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