vol/heure (renouvellement d'air)

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    What is the English equivalent of "vol" here. It is a technical document on ventilation and pressurization systems.

    Le débit d'air est 2.5 vol/ heure

    Thank you.
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    Si c'est volume alors c'est vol.
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    In ventilation it would be air-flow is 2.5 cu m. /hour. Vol. must mean volume but needs a full stop for the abbreviation; and what measure is a "volume" of air per hour?????? nonsensical - the measure must be in litres per hour/minute/second for water and cubic metres per hour for a gas or for air flow.
    Volume has no meaning as a measure of quantity unless the metre/litre is specified.
    Could be a typo but I don't see what it could be.
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    I don't think 2.5 refers to a defined cubic measure here, but rather that the air flow provides for a change of all the air in the given space 2.5 times per hour.

    An air change rate of of 2.5 air changes per hour (ACH), or 2.5 ACH. (Le débit ou le taux de renouvellement d'air est de 2,5/h)

    Source: Here for English; here for French.
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    Je ne pense pas que ce soit dénué de sens non plus. Si vol. est défini au préalable, il correspond bien à une quantité d'air exprimée en volume, voir ici.

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