volitional pragmatism

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Hi all,
I need help for the term: volitional.
Here the context (it's from a scientific magazine about political economy: Economia Politica, Il Mulino, Bologna, n.2/2008):

«how might we develop a theory of institutional change that acknowledges the constant fluidity of the institutional architecture of an economy?». «I will argue here that the only epistemological program that can do the necessary work is that of volitional pragmatism. [...] Volitional pragmatism is a theory of how individuals deploy reasons for choice and action. Volitional pragmatism rejects models of rational choice on the grounds that such models are circular. Individuals do not choose what they want. Individuals choose those things (those actions) for which they can, at the time mobilize the best reasons to want».

Thank you very much

  • tomzenith

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    Hi alf, and welcome!

    It's not a word I've heard before, but the OED seems to be saying that it means something along the lines of 'willful'. Intenzionale?

    Having said that, what the text seems to be saying is that 'Volitional Pragmatism' is a theory that suggests that instead of choosing things on the basis of practical reality, we choose things on the basis of our desires. So perhaps something like 'pragmatismo di volonta' '?

    I'm really not sure though, wait for better people than me to suggest things..

    Seems like a very difficult text, good luck!
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