volte a botte (IT)


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I have a question. I have this sentence in Italian "una piccola ex cattedrale bizantina dove l'affresco più antico è un'ultima cena su una volte a botte dipinta nel x secolo". The problem is "volte a botte" that is in English "tunnel or barrel vault". I was looking for this expression in German but the only one solution I found is: Tonnengewölbe or Tunnelgewölbe. The problem is that I found this word neither on Wordreference nor on my dictionary. Can someone help me please?

  • Thank you very much. I had a panic attack when I saw that it wasn't on my dictionary but only on google!:rolleyes:
    So, "volte a botta" is Tonnengewölbe.

    Thank you again.

    Good morning :)

    I think that dictionaries often provide just a first hint at something. What I'm really looking for when searching for a term, are entries in the relevant literature.

    So, when searching, I don't just look for google hits, but I look at the quality of some of those hits. And if I find a book about architecture, like "Theoretisch-practische bürgerliche Baukunde" which is a specialist book (this one's old, but the terms haven't changed since then), then I'm very confident that I can use the translation.

    Tonnengewölbe - die Franzosen nennen diese Gewölbeart so wie überhaupt die nach einem Kreisstück gebildeten Überwölbungen voûtes en berceau, und die Italiener Volte a Botte.

    (Any typos in the excerpt are mine....)