voluntad jurídica de derecho público

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    Agradecería su ayuda con este párrafo, sobre todo con las frases "voluntad jurídica de derecho público" y "plazos para resolver".

    Las administraciones públicas central e institucional de la Función Ejecutiva sometidos a este estatuto manifiestan su voluntad jurídica de derecho público a través de actos administrativos, actos de simple administración, hechos administrativos, contratos administrativos y reglamentos, sin perjuicio de recurrir a otras categorías de derecho privado cuando tales administraciones actúen dentro de dicho campo. De conformidad con lo que dispone la Ley de Modernización del Estado, la extinción o reforma de los actos administrativos se rige por lo dispuesto en este estatuto, incluyendo los plazos para resolver y los efectos del silencio de la administración.

    Intento: The central and institutional public administrations of the Executive Function that are subject to these statutes express their legal will based on public law* through administrative acts, acts of simple administration, administrative events, administrative contracts and regulations, without prejudice to resorting to other private-law categories when these administrations act within the above-mentioned field. In accordance with the provisions of the Law of Modernization of the State, the extinction or reform of administrative acts is governed by the provisions of these statutes, including time limits for resolution and the effects of silence by the administration.

    *Legal will BASED ON public law; Legal will IN public law; Legal will OF public law; Legal will GROUNDED IN public law??? "Derecho público" no puede ser “civic right” en este contexto, creo.

    Mil gracias.
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    This is one is trickier. It is jargon-filled legalistic writing intended no so much to inform as to demonstrate the technical expertise of the author, endemic to political scientists and lawyers the world over.

    Here--and I don´t know what country this is from, perhaps Ecuador--they are distinguishing between the administración central and "institucional," which I suspect refers to the institutos, what we call in the U.S. "autonomous agencies" (such as the Fed or the Tennessee Valley Authority, that a not under any cabinet department. Or they may be distinguishing between the officialdom under control of any particular presidential administration, from the supposedly "autonomous" institutions such as may exist, often only autonomous in theory.

    I am not sure whether by voluntad jurídica de derecho público they mean "their legal intentions with regard to public [and administrative] law" or whether they mean "issue their legal decisions under public and administrative law" by means of..."

    Perhaps the hispanoparlantes can help. Dani and El Boss seems to understand this kind of staff better than I do. What your client hopes to achieve by reading it in English is one of those questions we translators are not supposed to ask!
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    Thank you very much, David. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your helping me out with these questions (by the way, fortunately I've reached an end to them). The authors of this document should really hire someone later to review at least the legal portions of the translation - the different interpretations can be so different. I hadn't even paused to wonder what they meant by central and institutional administration - it seemed odd phrasing but not so complex, but I'm learning that you need to doubt just about everything.

    You and Dani have saved the trickier portions of the document at least. ¡Gracias a ambos!:D

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