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I have noticed that Belgian TV chef Jeroen Meus (Dagelijkse kost on VRT) throws "voor de sport" every now and again, for example:

"Misschien nog eentje, voor de sport" [when adding ingredients], or:

"We houden het simpel, voor de sport".

I guess it might be translated as "just for fun" or "just like that" or maybe not translated at all, like "hoor", "zeg", but I would like to hear your opinion.
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    You're quite right. Not sure whether the Dutch would use the same expression. Also "voor de lol (de fun...)"...
    Thanks. Would that be considered standard Dutch or Tussentaal?

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    In Holland this expression is not common, I have never heard it.
    Maybe not in Holland, but this expression is common in the Netherlands as well as Flanders! Dutchmen also say: "Doe me een lol en..." (which more or less means: Do me a favour and...)