votre courtoisie, écoute et excellente réception


USA English
Nous espérons que ces renseignements vous permettront de clarifier ce dossier et désirons vous remercier pour votre courtoisie, écoute et excellente réception lors de notre entretien téléphonique.

we hope that this information will allow you to clarify this case and would like to thank you for your kindness, listening and excellent reception during our telephone conversation.

I vaguely know what these terms mean but my translation is too literal. Especially "excellente reception."

Thanks for any suggestions
  • Marcus Agrippa

    Senior Member
    Français (Québec)
    It refers to the person's disposition. He/she listened with courtesy and seemed genuinely concerned with the people's problem(s). He/she a bien reçu the complaints forwarded to him/her.
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