1. Ma Avila Member

    English-USA, Spanish
    Hello everyone.

    What is the difference between "votre" and "vos" and when do you use one instead of the other if they mean the same?

    Thanks for you time and help.
  2. Mike_in_Chico Senior Member

    Chico, CA
    US English
    votre is singular and vos is plural
  3. Hieronymus IV

    Hieronymus IV Senior Member

    English: Amero-British Hybrid
    Votre is singular (le, la) and vos is plural (les).

    Votre chapeau. : Your hat
    Vos chapeaux. : Your hats
  4. Ma Avila Member

    English-USA, Spanish
    Well that was very obvious, so dumb of my part.:eek:

    Thanks for your quick responce.

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