Vous en souhaitant bonne réception


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vous en souhaitant bonne réception (virement)

I hope this reaches you well or safely...

Est-ce correct ?

Merci !
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    Yes, you could say that, but quite honestly it's just a translation. We don't really add this kind of statement in a letter unless there was some sort of problem anticipated in the delivery.

    You might start your message by saying "I'm pleased to confirm that I have made an EFT to your account in the amount of XX." Nothing more needs to be said imo.


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    Our bank has returned the wire transfer we had issued to X's account... So, I hope this time the transfer will "reach" him well.


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    This came towards the end of a business-to-business email:
    Vous en souhaitant bonne réception,

    I understand the individual words, but taken all together, what is the meaning? We would never say "Wishing you good reception" in English.


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    Yes, it's one of those meaningless expressions which you can find at the end of a letter (usually).
    If you are reading the message, you have, of course, received the letter / e-mail without any difficulties. :)


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    What would be the equivalent in English?
    What would you write before "Yours sincerely" or "Best Regards"?


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    Is anything being sent with the email like an attachment? Or does the email refer to something that is being sent physically eg the delivery of an order?

    In which case, "bonne réception" could have a more literal meaning.


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    Well it's at the end of a quote that is being sent attached to an email. I'll end the email with "Best Regards", but don't know how to finish the quote.
    Usually it ends with "Vous souhaitant bonne réception de la présente offre et restant dans l'attente de votre retour, veuillez recevoir nos salutations distinguées".
    So far I got "Looking forward to hearing from you, With our sincere regards" but it does sound a bit bare compared to the French one :)


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    As moustic said at #2, it is a meaningless ready-made formula; it's like 'Veuillez recevoir l'expression de etc', and does not actually need to be translated!
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