Voy "a?" hacer o voy hacer?

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  1. melasa Senior Member

    Seattle, USA
    English & Spanish, USA born
    Are you suppossed to omit the personal "a" in "Voy a hacer la tarea, etc., etc.?
    Gracias a todos los miembros,
  2. jaxavi Senior Member

    Castellano (Uruguay) y Inglés (EEUU)
    The "a" isn't the personal "a" in this case, but a different preposition.

    Although sometimes in colloquial speech we will omit the "a" and say, "voy hacer", the correct form is "voy a hacer"
  3. la_machy

    la_machy Senior Member

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    Español de Sonora
    I agree with jaxavi.
    "Voy a hacer la tarea" is the correct form.
  4. melasa Senior Member

    Seattle, USA
    English & Spanish, USA born
    Yes, now I know where I went wrong. I did have an Argentenian correct me when I orally said voy a hacer. However, it is suppossed to blend together (a ha..) in spoken language. I was taught correctly in school regarding the written form, I just had a lack of speaking practice mistake. So no wonder I was corrected.
    ¡Gracias a ustedes!
  5. LCRC Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina - Spanish
    Hi, Melasa.
    No, you are not supposed to blend together a and hacer. Furthermore, that would sound like voy a ser, which means something else.
  6. MkRoz Senior Member

    I´m agree with La Machy in saying:

    "Voy a hacer la tarea": Correct form.

  7. highfredo Member

    Español de España
    es "voy a hacer"

    pero al hablar se unen el "a" con "hacer"

    is like "want to">>"wanna"

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