Vreau să-mi cânte lăutarii și să mor amorezat.

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    First I have to apologize that my romanian skills are almost non existent, but I'm trying to figure out the lyrics of a song by Romica Puceanu called Anii mei și tinerețe.

    The part, which is causing me trouble, is the latter part of the sentence: "Vreau să-mi cânte lăutarii și să mor amorezat."

    The first part I've translated to: "I want the musicians to sing and..." (something about death and a lover? I can't figure it out)

    I would appreciate any help.

    A romanian language novice.
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    "să mor amorezat." -> (I want) to die being in love.
    "lăutari(i)" -> a (the) band of country/gipsy musicians

    All together: I want the band to play (keep playing) and to go out (die) being in love. This is a "cântec de pahar", music/song they would play in a pub for the drinking patrons ;)

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  3. Copenhagen2400 New Member

    Mii de mulțumiri! :)

    The answer was really helpfull.

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