Vulgar usages derived from male and female genitalia

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  1. Dymn

    Dymn Senior Member

    Once, Spanish feminists complained that saying something is la polla "the dick" in Spanish means it's awesome, while if something is un coñazo (something like, "a big pussy") it's a bore and an annoyance. The idea was that male genitalia are thought to be as having positive qualities while the female counterparts have negative connotations. I think this is very Sapir-Whorf-y so I don't believe any of it, but it made me open this thread to see what's going on in other languages. I'll complete Spanish:

    la polla "awesome"

    acojonar "to scare the shit out"
    cojonudo "awesome"

    coña "joke" (something not meant, for humorous purposes)
    ¡coño! "damn!"
    ¿qué coño? "what the fuck?"
    un coñazo "a bore"

    What about your language(s)? :)
  2. Sardokan1.0

    Sardokan1.0 Senior Member

    Sardu / Italianu
    They are a lot! I can't recall so many expressions derived from genitalia in Italian or Sardinian.

    I can only find this in Italian : Che cazzo?! (what the fuck?!) - same for Sardinian : Ite cazzu?!

    About the other vocabulary instead :


    su cazzu (loanword from Italian)
    sa piscitta (from the verb "pisciare" - to piss)
    su pippiriòlu (the whistle)
    sa mincia / mincra (vulgar Latin "mencla" = dick)

    sos cozones (northern Sardinian)
    sos buttones (northern Sardinian; literally "the buttons")
    is callonis (southern Sardinian)

    su cunnu
  3. TheCrociato91 Senior Member

    Brescia, Italy
    Italian - Northern Italy
    Italian is more feminist-friendly in this respect. It's the other way around. :p

    cazzata (from cazzo, "dick"), minchiata (from minchia, "dick") = something stupid, untrue, or very easy (depending on the context) (Sp. "chorrada", "putada"; "tontería"; "un paseo")

    figata (from figa, "pussy") = something very cool; awesome, dope (Sp. "la polla", "la hostia", "la leche")

    • From cazzo ("dick"), minchia (also "dick", but more regional than cazzo)
    - cazzata, minchiata = see above
    - cazzaro = someone who bullshits people; a bullshitter (Sp. "fantasma", "farolero")
    - cazzo! / minchia! = used as an exclamation of surprise, anger, annoyance, etc. (Engl. "fuck!"; sp. "¡hostia!", "¡joder!")
    - cazzo / minchia = used as a pleonasm to reinforce an exclamation or a question (as in: it. "Dove cazzo vai?"; Engl. "Where the fuck are you going?"; Sp. "¿Adónde cojones vas?)
    - incazzare / incazzarsi = make someone mad / get mad (Engl. "piss someone off / get pissed off"; Sp. "cabrear / cabrearse").
    - sti cazzi? / sto cazzo? (regional) = used to ironically say that you don't give a crap about something
    - cazzone, minchione = a stupid person, or someone that is always goofing around and not doing serious things.
    - cazzeggiare = fuck around, goof around; waste time doing unimportant stuff
    - fancazzista = someone who's always fucking around; a shirker, a lazy fucker (Sp. "haragán, gandul")
    - cazzuto = (of a person) a tough one, a badass; a strong or determined person; (of something) difficult to deal with, tricky
    - (fare qualcosa) a cazzo / alla cazzo di cane = (do something) in a half-assed manner, not thoroughly; poorly or sloppily executed (Sp. "hacer una chapuza")
    - stare sul cazzo = same as stare sulle palle / sui coglioni.
    - ... del cazzo = following a noun, it describes it as unimportant, annoying or of poor quality. It's the vulgar version of "... del cavolo". (Sp. "... de mierda")
    - ... di sto cazzo = following a noun, it describes it as worthless. It's the vulgar variant of "... dei miei stivali" (Sp. "... de los cojones").
    - col cazzo! = used as a reply to rudely say "no!" (Sp. "¡ni de coña!").
    - farsi i cazzi propri (often used as a 2nd person imperative: Fatti i cazzi tuoi!) = mind one's own business (Sp. "meterse en los propios (putos) asuntos").
    - grazie al cazzo! (lit. "thanks to the dick!") = used as a reply to ironically thank someone for telling you something obvious or that you already knew (Engl. "No shit!"; Sp. "No me digas", "No jodas")
    - essere cazzi / cazzi amari (lit. "be dicks / be bitter dicks"; usually phrased as: (adesso) sono cazzi (amari)!) = used when troubles or difficulties have arisen (Engl. "shit hit the fan"; Sp. "ahora las cosas se han puesto / se van a poner muy difíciles)
    - testa di cazzo / di minchia = dickhead (Sp. "imbécil", "gilipollas")
    - cazziatone = reprimand, telling-off (Sp. "bronca")

    • From palle / coglioni ("balls", as in "testicles")
    - che palle! / che coglioni! = used to react to something annoying, boring, etc.
    - me cojoni!? = (regional; from the word cojoni = coglioni, "testicles", but used as a verb: cojonare = coglionare, "to bullshit someone") used to express surprise at something.
    - stare sulle palle / sui coglioni (lit. "be on someone's balls") = be extremely annoying or unlikable (sp. "no soportar, caer fatal, resultar antipático").
    - essere tra le palle / tra i coglioni; essere / stare in mezzo alle palle / in mezzo ai coglioni (lit. "be in between one's balls") = be in someone's way, physically or figuratively (as in, hindering or annoying someone)
    - fuori dalle palle! / dai coglioni! (lit. "out of the balls!") = used to rudely tell someone to go away (Engl. "take a hike!"; Sp. "¡lárgate!, ¡que te den por culo!")
    - far girare le palle / i coglioni (lit. "make someone's balls spin") = annoy, make someone mad, piss someone off
    - rompere le palle / i coglioni (lit. "break someone's balls") = similar to far girare le palle (Sp. "tocar los cojones")
    - rottura di palle / di coglioni = something boring or annoying (Sp. "muermo", "coñazo")

    • From figa / fica ("pussy")
    - figata = see above
    - figa / fica = used as a noun or adjective to refer to an extremely attractive girl / woman (Engl. "hot", Sp. "que está buena")
    - figo / fico = used as a noun or adjective to refer to an extremely attractive guy / man (Engl. "hot", "hunk"; Sp. "buen mozo, resultón")
    - figa! = (regional) used as an exclamation of surprise, approval, etc.
    - figa di legno (lit. "wooden pussy") = a (usually attractive) girl that doesn't like to easily give herself.

    There are surely more, so other Italians are more than welcome to complete / correct the list.

    I've tried to provide a translation for some of them; of course they might not be 100% accurate for all contexts, so take them with a grain of salt.
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  4. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member


    «Αρχίδι!» [arˈçi.ði] (neut. nom. sing.), used as the English (you) prick!
    [ar.çiˈða.tɔs] (masc. adj.) --> ballsy.
    «Αρχίδι» [ar'çi.ði] (neut. nom. sing.), «αρχίδια» [arˈçi.ðʲa] (neut. nom. pl.) --> bollock/bollocks, ball/balls; the name is the profanity of testicle < Byz. neut. diminutive «ὀρχίδιον» orkhídion < Classical 3rd declension neut. noun «ὄρχις/ὄρχεις» órkʰis (neut. nom. sing.)/órkʰeis (neut. nom. pl.) --> testicle/testicles (PIE *h₃erǵh-i-/*r̥ǵh-i- testicle cf Alb. herdhe, Arm. որձիք (orjik, pl.), testicles, յորձ (yorj), ram). The name of the plant orchid is cognate.

    The expressions «κλάσε μου τ'αρχίδια» [ˈ mu tarˈçi.ðʲa] --> fart on my balls, or «θα μου κλάσεις τ'αρχίδια» [θa mu ˈkla.sis tarˈçi.ðʲa] --> you'll fart on my balls are used when our interlocutor is full of empty threats or when we want to show that we're not intimidated by someone's threats.

    In MoGr it's «πούτσος» [ˈpu.ʦ͜ɔs] (masc.), traditionally connected with the Classical «πόσθη» póstʰē (fem.) --> penis (per Beekes a Pre-Greek word).
    I don't think we use it either in positive or negative metaphors.
    We use however:
    «Καύλα!» [ˈ] (fem.) or colloq. «γκαύλα!» [ˈ] (fem.) as an interjection conveying the emotions of an awesome experience or pleasant surprise.
    «Καύλα» is the penile erection and «καυλί» [kavˈli] (neut.) is the erected penis < Byz. Gr. neuter diminutive «καυλίον» kau̯líŏn of Classical masc. «καυλός» kau̯lós --> shaft, stalk, quill of a feather, metaph. erected penis (PIE *keh₂ulo- shaft cf Lat. caulis, Lith. kaulas, bone, Ltv. kaūls, bone, shaft).

    In MoGr it's «μουνί» [muˈni] (neut.) < either from (1) Venetian mona (with the same meaning), or, (2) from the Classical 3rd declension masc. noun «μνόος/μνοῦς» mnóŏs (uncontracted nom. sing.)/mnoûs (contracted nom. sing.) --> soft down, fluff (with obscure etymology).
    When used as it is, it's the equivalent of the English (you) cunt!.
    Its augmentative «μουνάρα» [muˈna.ɾa] (fem.) however, is the very hot woman.

    Another VERY offensive word is «μουνόπανο» [muˈnɔ.pa.nɔ] (neut.) which is the sanitary napkin < «μουνί» (see above) + ΜοGr neut. «πανί» [paˈni]

    Disclaimer: The majority of the aforementioned expressions or words, describes profane language, when used foolishly or recklessly when visiting here, may lead to physical violence.
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  5. Yendred Senior Member

    Français - France
    In French:

    Adjective: couillu (m.) / couillue (f.), meaning daring/ballsy, refers to "les couilles" (the bollocks). (vulgar language)

    Noun/adjective: con (m.) refers both to the female genital organ (vagina), and denotes a stupid person (asshole/idiot).
    The feminine form to denote a stupid person is "conne", which oddly enough, does not refer to the female genital organ.
    Note that "con" to refer to a stupid person is familiar language, but "con" to refer to the female genital organ is vulgar language (and quite outdated in this latest meaning).
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  6. Dymn

    Dymn Senior Member

    Wow @TheCrociato91 that's really exhaustive :D

    That's interesting. I don't really think one can deduce Italians are more feministic than Spaniard from that fact :)
  7. TheCrociato91 Senior Member

    Brescia, Italy
    Italian - Northern Italy
    No problem, there's probably a lot more. :D:D We love our sexually-derived swearwords in Italian.:rolleyes:

    No, I know. I was just kidding. ;)
  8. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    In Turkish, both are negative.

    Yarak gibi = lit. Like a dick (something at a really low quality)

    Sik gibi kalmak = Lit. to remain like a dick (to remain all alone in the middle of somewhere)

    Amcık ağızlı = Lit. Cunt mouthed (someone who speaks in an unnecessarily rude way)
  9. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Yes, quite outdated. If the noun and adjective for "stupid" is used by old and young alike, I wouldn't say it is the case for "con" referring to the vagina (latest quote in this dictionary for instance is 1976)
    Nowadays, we rather use :warning: "la chatte", which literally means "female cat".
    You can also use very colloquially to mean "luck", so that's positive.
  10. gato radioso Senior Member

    We also use these words as a way to address to people.
    Hola, picha! = Hello, man.
    Qué dices, chocho?= What the fuck are you talking about, girl?. Curiously, posh girls have adopted recently this weird language as a sort of girly jargon.

    Anyway these are vulgar expressions, not to be generally used beyond a very colloquial or intimate context.
  11. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    In Puerto Rican Spanish we use bicho (vulgar noun) for dick (penis)... whereas in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world "bicho" is a non-vulgar word for insect.
    (Puerto Rico: mámame el bicho = suck my dick —extremely vulgar! / Spain: me picó un bicho = an insect bit me )

    We also have bicha (vulgar adjective) for bitch, solely used for referring to a female
    (Puerto Rico: María es bien bicha = María is a real bitch!)
  12. gato radioso Senior Member

    In Spain we can also call "bicha" a woman, but using "bicha" as a synonym of "snake", that's it a extremely dishonest woman, ill-tempered, nosy, violent, rude, unreliable.... Does "bicha" have the same meaning in Puerto Rico?
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  13. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    For us it's not a synonym of "snake", not quite.

    Our definition of bicha is the same as the AmE bitch:
    Slang. an unpleasant, nasty, spiteful, or selfish woman: She's a real bitch today.
    bitch - Dictionary of English
  14. Awwal12

    Awwal12 Senior Member

    Moscow, the RF
    In Russian, there is no clear distinction; in the both cases various morphological derivatives and fixed expressions may imply both positive and negative meanings.
    хуй :warning: "khúy" - dick; fig. "a man" (disrespectfully); in idiomatic expressions also "not a thing"
    пизда :warning: "pizdá" - cunt; in idiomatic expressions also "a miserable end", "game over", "a demise" (нам пизда :warning: "nám pizdá" - lit. "a cunt to us" - "we're fucked"; мобильнику пизда :warning: "mobíl'niku pizdá" - lit. "a cunt to the cellphone" - "the cellphone has met its end")
    дать пизды :warning: "dát' pizdý" (lit. "to give a bit of a cunt") - "to give a beating"; fig. "to give a harsh scolding"
    хуёво :warning: "khuyóvo" (adv., lit. "dicky") -bad, not good
    пиздато :warning: "pizdáto" (adv., lit. "cunty") - cool, good
    иди на хуй :warning: "idí ná khuy" (lit. go onto the dick) = иди в пизду :warning: "idí v pizdú" (lit. go into the cunt) - go to hell
    охуеть :warning: "okhuyét'" (lit. ~to bedicken, ~~to turn into a dick) - 1) to grow dumb with astonishment; 2) to go nuts, to go beyond the accepted rules, to grow impudent
    охуительно :warning: "okhuítel'no" (adv., lit. ~bedickening) - really cool, amazing
    пи́здить :warning: "pízdit'" (v. ~"to cunt") - to beat smb.; to steal sth.
    пизди́ть :warning: "pizdít'" (v. ~"to cunt") and пиздеть :warning: "pizdét'" (v. ~"to cunt", possibly "to grow cunter" or "to appear as a cunt") - 1) to chatter; 2) to lie (the meanings can be distributed between the verbs, or there may be no distinction between the verbs in that regard, or пизди́ть :warning: may be absent from one's idiolect at all)
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