w filozofii Buffona, u Staszica

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Hello :)
I'm translating into English a passage on Staszic and I have some problems with prepositions. Could you help me with it? How to translate "w filozofii" and "u Staszica"?

"Dlatego zrozumienie specyfiki takich centralnych pojęć w filozofii Buffona, jak „molekuły organiczne” (u Staszica: „ciałko rządne”)"

"That is why, understanding of indiosyncracy of such key concepts in? Buffon’s philosophy such as “organic molecules” (?? Staszic “ciałko rzędne”)"

Thank you
  • jazyk

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    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was chez. The thing is it is French. :) What about according to?


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    Hey Hotmale ;)

    I'd suggest key concepts OF Buffon's philosophy.
    As to the second part, I'd say "defined / identified by Staszic as..."



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    IMHO in Buffon's philosophy is fine.
    Both are fine, but:
    key concepts in Buffon’s philosophy - centralnych pojęć w filozofii Buffona
    key concepts of Buffon's philosophy - centralnych pojęć filozofii Buffona.

    I don't know which one sounds better, you've got to choose ;).


    - J.
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