w formie pisemnej, elektronicznej lub dokumentowej


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Excerpt from a data processing agreement:

Procesor będzie prowadzić rejestr, o którym mowa w niniejszym punkcie 12, w formie pisemnej, elektronicznej lub dokumentowej.

I don't understand what this sentence is getting at with "w formie [...] dokumentowej".

If it's not the same as "written form" or "electronic form", then what is it?

  • Actually, this question concerns a legal issue, not strictly a linguistic issue, so a caution is required.

    The term "dokumentowy" is defined in the Polish Civil Code: Art. 77 [3]. - Kodeks cywilny.

    I'm not a lawyer, so I speculate now, but for example an audio recording could possibly pass as a document, albeit it's neither written nor electronic. You may find more information here: Forma dokumentowa, elektroniczna, pisemna - sprawdź czym są.

    Anyway, if you translate the said agreement (or any legal text for that matter), I would suggest that you consult or compare similar texts written in native English legalese, as using a common sense and common meaning of the words can be highly misleading.

    BTW, from a purely linguistic point of view, the phrase:
    w formie pisemnej, elektronicznej lub dokumentowej.

    looks to me like a list of three items, rather than like a clarification suggested by @Mori.cze. To have the suggested meaning, a colon or a dash should be used instead of the comma, for example:

    w formie pisemnej: elektronicznej lub dokumentowej.
    Albeit the latter phrase does not seem to have any sense considering the said definition of the document from the Civil Code.
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    For me the written form may saved either in an electronic way, like say, a hard drive or "dokumentowej", that is, on paper.
    I believe it means "in written form, either electronic or in paper".
    This text is in a very bad Polish, and lacks both logic and sense. Somebody, probably, had an idea what the words were intented to mean, but the result is awkward and obscure. An electronic form is also a document, and opposing them has no sense. It should be "paper form", as opposed to "electronic form".