w ujęciu rzeczowym albo osobowym

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  1. prosty New Member

    Hi, need your help in translating PL-ENG:
    The source is a book:
    "(...)kolejny to analiza techniczno – ekonomiczna – stanowiąca o wielkościach ekonomicznych w ujęciu rzeczowym albo osobowym, gdzie zagadnienia finansowe stanowią jedynie uzupełnienie (...)"

    "w ujęciu rzeczowym albo osobowym" = in terms of physical or personal

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  2. LilianaB Banned

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    Hi. I don't know at this time what it is because it is a purely financial jargon, but it is definitely not "in terms of physical or personal". What is the phrase supposed to mean in Polish if translated into plain language? It can only be translated properly if we know exactly what it means in Polish, although my feeling is that the phrase is simply pretty vague.
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  3. Cieżuncja Member

    I think that "w ujęciu rzeczowym" may be translated as "in volume terms"
  4. Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    I think that the sentence means that some economic quantities will be expressed in/compared to things or people. How about 'in terms of manpower or material(s) material(s) or manpower'?
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  5. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    And now again wild guessing. Nobody at this forum seems to be a speaker of "economese" and nobody really understands the expression. You have to find a native speaker of this language, which has little in common with ordinary Polish.
  6. LilianaB Banned

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    What does this expression mean exactly in Polish? I think Thomas' and my suggestions were right, but I decided to wait for more context.
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