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    Items 5 and 6 of the above Point A relate only to the salaries (excluding wages) payable during the period of business interruption.

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    Ciao, MariaMelissa. This sounds like a line from a contract, which probably attributes a specific meaning to each word. If so, I would check to see whether wages/salary are defined earlier in the contract.

    In common AE parlance, wages often refer to the pay received on an hourly basis (such that the amount received in a week or month would depend directly on the number of hours worked), while salary would refer to an amount that is fixed for a longer period of time (e.g., a monthly salary), regardless of the hours worked in that period.

  3. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Wages = paga / paghe
    Salaries = salario / salari or stipendio
    An employee would get a stipendio whilst a factory worker a salario (in the past roman soldiers were paid in salt = sale-->salario).
    On the other hand we use paga when you're neither a factory worker nor an employee but, for instance, a temporary employee (maid, waitress, etc, @McDonald's).
    Then there are some collocations: busta paga (payslip), salario base (basic salary), paga base....

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    what's the difference between "wages" and "salary"?
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  6. Tegs

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    English (Ireland)
    Wage / wages = payment which is made to workmen on a daily, hourly, weekly basis

    Salary = a fixed regular payment made often monthly for professional or office work as opposed to manual work

    You will find these definitions in an English dictionary. If you translate often, it is well worth buying a monolingual English dictionary as they are extremely useful! ;)
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    Are you sure you're in the right forum? The question and the answer are entirely in English!
    To introduce some Italian, wages corresponds to the Italian salario, while salary corresponds to the Italian stipendio (rather an old distinction).
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    Einstein, allora ha lo stesso significato anche in Inglese!

    Stipendio=retribuzione fissa, per lo più mensile, corrisposta a chi presta continuativamente un lavoro subordinato di concetto.

    Salario=rimunerazione periodica, spettante al lavoratore dipendente, in particolare all'operaio, computata in base al tempo di lavoro.

    Non si finisce mai di imparare.


  9. Einstein

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    Sì, la distinzione è la stessa, ma attenzione perché salario e salary non corrispondono!
  10. pauletac Member

    Gaeta (Latina)
    Thank you Einstein,
    volevo sapere la differenza in inglese e di conseguenza l'avrei capita anche in italiano.
  11. Caroline35 Senior Member

    Re: wages and salary

    I agree with Einstein that the two words are different in Italian. As salary is stipendio,while wages is salario.

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