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Secretive Sparrow

(?) ... nehmen Sie mich wahr?
I think I heard this phrase in a video, and wonder
(a) whether it's actually a proper German phrase
(b) whether it means "if you catch my drift" or something similar
If anyone could please let me know, I would hugely appreciate it!
  • stefanieG2

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    Hi Sparrow,

    Thank you for your question.
    ....nehmen Sie mich wahr?
    means "do you actually pay attention to me at all?"
    Let's give this phrase a personal tone "...nimmst du mich wahr?"
    and say it is Mandy who finds herself in a difficult relationship with Tom. She asks him "...nimmst du mich wahr?"
    which means "do you see me at all?"

    I hope it makes more sense now.

    Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!



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    Hi Stefanie,

    Thank you so much for this great explanation and the example!
    (I'm Sparrow, AKA Takeshi Kitano -- just hadn't logged in when asking the question.)

    Many thanks and stay well :)