...wait for the time of resurrection in the coffin.

Elaine Koh

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ZYX religion believes that one will have to wait for the time of resurrection in the coffin.

The sentence was written by my son.

The part in bold is incorrect, to me. I think it should be "wait till the dead are resurrected". (I don't think 'in the coffin' is required.)

Am I correct?

  • Andygc

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    You need to confirm what he means. If he refers to a belief in the resurrection of the dead, then he would be correct to say the dead will have to wait in their graves until the time of resurrection. There's nowhere else to keep the bodies.

    EDIT Sorry, I note HG's comment. I should have written "coffins" to match the original sentence
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    Hermione Golightly

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    My comment on the original sentence is that 'in their coffin' should follow 'wait'. That is the understanding of at least one religion, or it used to be, and to leave out 'in the coffin' makes the sentence very vague. Where else would they wait. That was one objection to cremation.
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