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I see and hear 'wait on tables' and 'wait tables' in reading and conversation. They mean the same, I believe. Are they just two expressions meaning the same? Or, is there any subtlety? I have this weird feeling I hear more 'wait tables.'

FLORENCE — Area law enforcement officers will be swapping their guns for aprons and rags Friday as they wait on tables during the Cops and Lobsters fundraiser for Special Olympics. (TimesDaily.com)

Brown has been working at the mall location since March of 1970. She was a sophomore in high school when she started waiting tables at Vandy's. After earning three degrees and starting her own career as a teacher and assistant principal, as well as an adjunct professor at Georgia Southern for 16 years, she has returned to help wait tables and manage at Vandy’s every weekend. (The George-Anne)
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    They're both used and mean the same thing. If the weird feeling you have when hearing "wait tables" is pleasant, you may want to make a recording. :)

    I used "wait tables" when I was doing it.
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