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Hi here's my doubt:

is it better: waiter AT “Malibù” hotel-restaurant or Waiter IN “Malibù” hotel-restaurant?

It's a sentence for a curriculum but I cannot find a reply in Internet, which preposition is the correct one?
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    It is waiter AT "malibu" hotel-restaurant.

    If you are referring to a specific restaurant you use "at." If you are speaking about a restaurant generically, you would use in, for example:

    He is a waiter in a restaurant.
    He works in a restaurant.


    He works at a restaurant in New York.
    He works at "Le Gros Crapaud", the new French restaurant in town.

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    "At" would refer to his place of employment, "in" to his physical location. (And it would generally be "at/in the restaurant" :))

    Edit: Following up on KenInPDX's comment, my statement about "in" is correct only when speaking about a particular restaurant. I agree with KenInPDX when speaking about a restaurant generally.
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