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I've got a question. For instance I'm taking Spanish classes in some group of people and one guy is going to join us. Can I say like this: "We're waiting for reinforcement" in an informal way?
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    In that case, no. If anything, "We're waiting for reinforcements" would be taken to mean that you want more women to join, so that the man will be more heavily outnumbered.


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    You should be careful with metaphors. This one in particular implies that the group is weak and needs reinforcement. It also may imply that you are in a war zone and waiting for military reinforcement. Those are not good images. I would not mind the joke, but someone else may.


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    "reinforcement" means "strengthening". eg Military reinforcements, steel reinforcement in concrete, sound reinforcement, etc.

    So if the extra person is a tutor with additional skills or is needed to improve the staff:student ratio, I suppose you could use "We are waiting for reinforcements".

    Generally, I think that using "reinforcements" just to mean "other people who are going to join a group" would be inappropriate.

    If the intention is to be humorous or facetious or sarcastic, of course the extra person might be referred to as a reinforcement, invader, refugee, or whatever.

    Edit: I agree with Florentia52.
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